Straight Beach Flag
Straight Beach Flag
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MF-PJ 30° 轴承MF-PJ 45° 轴承MF-PJ 90° 轴承MF-PJ 大号轴承

MF-PJ 弹簧轴承MF-PJ 牛津布包MF-PJ 七字钉MF-PJ 小号轴承

MF-PJ 沙袋MF-PJ 小轴MF-PJ 圆盘MF-PJ 注水袋


MF-BP 40x40薄不旋转MF-BP 40x40厚90°旋转MF-BP 50x50不旋转MF-BP 40x40薄带轴承旋转

MF-BP 40x40不旋转MF-BP 50x50旋转MF-BP 55x55带弹簧MF-BP 55x55 90°旋转

MF-BP 55x55带轴承旋转MF-BP 18x30铁板底座MF-BP 30x30铁板底座MF-C2 镀铬十字交叉

MF-C4 扁铁带轴承旋转MF-C3 弧形十字交叉MF-C5 扁铁简单旋转MF-C6 扁铁交叉不旋转

MF-C9 加强扁铁带弹簧MF-CF1 汽车底座不旋转MF-C9 加强加厚扁铁带轴承MF-CF2 汽车底座带轴承旋转

MF-CF3 心形汽车带轴承旋转MF-EWB1 经典注水底座1MF-EWB2 经典注水底座2MF-G1 插地底座不旋转

MF-G2 插地底座旋转MF-PGD 塑料插地底座旋转MF-PWB2 注水底座带弹簧旋转MF-PWB1 注水底座简单旋转

MF-PWB3 注水底座带轴承旋转




Manufacturer: Shanghai Maofeng Flag Co., Ltd

Technologies: Manual Printing、Machine Printing、Digital Printing、Digital Printing-Heat Transfer.

Bag: 1 pcs per OPP Bag

Package: 5 Ply Carton

Machine: Exposure Machine、Binding Machine、Ink Jet Plate Machine、Definite Forming Machine、Linked String Rinding Machine、Long Manual Printing Machine.

Material: Pongee Polester、Knitted Polyester、Spun-poly、Satin、Non-woven

Particular Treatment Technologies: FR、Water-proof、UV-proof

Durability: 3-12 Months

Qualifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, SEDEX, REACH

Order Process

If you have any questions, please consult the customer service in our working time.


Shanghai Maofeng Flag Co., Ltd is a 33-years experienced and trusted manufacturer and supplier of flags, banners and canvas. Led by the efficient management and decision, the company has extensive international experience in successfully supplying flags and banners for major international events, including the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the Euro Championship as well as many festivals, concerts, sporting and entertainment events.

Maofeng constantly introduces new technologies, new materials, production of new products. With such technologies, we offer automatic printing, manual printing and digital printing, which ensure productivity and effectiveness. Our products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions, exports represent 80% of sales and are growing.

Maofeng always adheres to the "quality-oriented and service as the fundamental" approach, sustainable development and innovation are our eternal pursuit. The material, design, colour-selection, printing, sewing and packaging, which can be promised to conform the industry standards and exceed customer expectations. Shanghai Maofeng Flag Co., Ltd is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, SMETA-Sedex and Reach.


Please consult the customer service based on specification of customized products before placing an order. The unit price and the transport cost will be adjusted based   on the order quality & quantity, production time, requirements and shipping destination.

Simply click on the right side "customer service" chat window. Start your order quotation and get your special offer!!!

Customer service working time CST(CHINA): 08:00 a.m. ~ 11:30 a.m. ; 12:00 p.m. ~ 05:00 p.m.

You can place your order via our official website or email, and you can upload the file both online and offline. Each order has 11 numbers, please reference the 11 digit number and name your files accordingly when you upload them. Our customer service will contact you upon receiving and chaecking the files. Each order which has placed via our website has status updates, which you can check at your personal homepage at any time. How to name your files? For example ""

Please send us an email if there is any concerns regarding your order. We will reply ASAP. Never got your response? Please contact us using our official email address: or call +0086 (021) 59228283 for assistance.

If you do not have your artwork design or have any issue before you submit it, email us or call for extra advice. We are glad to help. We provide free file check service and the additional premium service of conversion and design which starts from $10. Reminder: Requesting an additional service may delay the expected delivery date of your order.

Team of Shanghai Maofeng Flag Co., Ltd thanks you for your patience of reading this page, we sincerely look forward to working with you.


TEL: +0086 (021) 59228283

FAX: +0086 (021) 59228202

TIME: CST(CHINA) 8:00 A.M.~11:30 A.M. ;

CST(CHINA) 12:00 P.M.~5:00 P.M.  



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